Monday, 2 June 2014

Pre Coloured Charmed Digis

Hi there fellow crafters and friends, have you missed me? It's been a heck of a long time hasn't it? I'll be honest with you, life just got really hard over the past month and I have decided to distract myself from it all by immersing myself in creativity - it beats alcohol!
On Saturday I bought myself a much needed printer so I could start to use my digi downloads again so yesterday I tested it out......I wanted to know what the colour print would be like so I browsed through my pre coloured digis from Charmed Cards and Crafts and found one of my old favourites from the pixie collection. You won't believe this but the card I am about to show you took me about 15 minutes yesterday! Take a look...
The Marianne Die and the beautiful picture make it look like it took hours don't they! Honestly I think I am going to print out the pre coloured digis more often!
I will be back with more because I just found some stuff in my camera which I never shared with you!
Bye for now xxxxx

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