Sunday, 26 July 2015

Celebrate Summer, and Tell us Why!

Our next competition celebrates summer. So simply design something that depicts summer in some way. This is what you can win:

You can enter all of our competitions and give-aways, but one entry per competition only. Click here for our main birthday page for all information...

Please link here for the Celebrate Summer competition if you want to submit your entry via your blog, or email through your entry to us at customerservices (at) If you are linking please tell your blog followers about our celebrations :)

The next two competitions are sooo easy. No need to make anything.

Simply tell us WHY...

 and why should give you one of these kits?:

To enter please leave a comment below or email us.


  1. I love London because it must be the most varied city in the world. The iconic landmarks range from the ancient to the ultra modern, so the skyline, although always stunning, is ever-changing. The traditions and history contrast with the modern, lively shopping and theatre areas and the bright, colourful ethnic districts to provide a colourful, varied and entertaining whole. And there's so much fabulous food, from a juicy peach from a street vendor to a once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experience. It's like the whole world crammed into a few square miles!

  2. Summer is a time of Ice Cream hanging out with Friends over a good BBQ and enjoying those lazy days when it is just to hot to do anything :)

  3. I've not often been to London. I went in high school for an art trip, what an experience that was!! We got a brief shopping trip, because we had so many galleries to look at!! Recently, we went down to Windsor, to go to legoland, and that created the best memories with my little boy and husband ever! I was also surprised by how many things there were in the area to do, too, though sadly we didn't have time. London, I think, is definitely a city where dreams are made and memories created.

    Now as for why I should win the santoro collection... goodness, thats tricky as I don't tend to think of myself as someone who wins competitions!! I can honestly say I'd enjoy it, which is what crafting is about! It's not my birthday for a while, so I cant say that (thank goodness, this year is my 30th!!), but I am grateful for the opportunity to enter these competitions, I enjoy a challenge and having a theme to work to helps inspire me. Maybe you guys deserve the prize more than me!

  4. Happy Birthday Charmed Cards & Crafts! I would love to win the Santoro Willow Kit as I'm a fan of the on-trend watercolour Bohemian look and the subtle earth tones. It is a great range to create feminine greeting cards with and perfect for scrapbooking my summer festival photos. Thanks for the chance to win! :-)