Saturday, 13 August 2011

Crafty Storage - Brads

Hello Folks Louise here, I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather, it's raining here but I actually think the rain is ace so for me that's beautiful :)
I've been giving my craft room a make over and it's all been such fun! I can't show you the photos of the room yet because it's not all finished but I would like to show you a really neat storage idea I came up with. Some of us collect stamps, some love buttons but the thing I have wayyyyy too many of is brads. I suppose it's a good one to be a hoarder of because they are small. I always kept my brads very well organised in those plastic white boxes but every time I wanted to use a brad I had to go through them all to find the one I wanted and some really fab ones were sometimes missed. I was doing some blog hopping recently and I stumbled across a really cool idea; this lady had used a cork notice board to stick all of her brads in, so the were all there on her wall in front of her as she crafted. I wondered if maybe a cork board wouldn't quite be deep enough for some of the brad stems and then....I had a brain wave! canvases are in all the shops right now and sometimes very very cheap....perfect! I already had this hanging set of three in my cupboard, it was about £4 from The Works....I got to work......
so now all of my brads (actually not ALL I ran out of space) are on show and ready to be 'picked'

All you have to do is prick the canvas with a craft knife and pop your brad in. Here you will see I have some spaces- that's because I had a crafting session with my step-son yesterday and he took a liking to them :o

The one drawback I can say about this is that they fall out easily but you could add some polystyrene to the back of your canvas to rectify this, or if you are very patient you can open up the backs of all your brads.
So there you have it, an incredibly handy storage idea that looks like a work of art for your room too! Please leave us a link if you make one, we'd love to see what you come up with.